Red Dwarf : Krysis vs The Last Day

Krysis vs The Last Day

In the Last Day of season 3 Kryten gets a message that he's reached the end of his service life.

In Krysis, Rimmer says Kryten has 3 million more years / that mechanoids last about six million years.

I don't mind a conflict. It's a comedy. But is it an inconsistency or am I missing something?

Re: Krysis vs The Last Day

Key word is "Service". His life wasn't done just his service contract.

As Kryten said people why would people buy a new mech if they thought there old one would live for ever and it was his own responsibility to shut himself down so he wasn't running out of life time.

Left to there own devices Mechs can live 6 million years (although Krysis is the first time that was stated)

Re: Krysis vs The Last Day

Butler on the Nova3 must have had a service contract as well so why didnt a later model of mechanoid replace Butler like Hudzen 10 tried to in The last day and how do they know a mechanoid can last 6 million years if 6 million years havn't passed since mechs were manufactured

Re: Krysis vs The Last Day

As Floss-Is-Boss says, in The Last Day his service contract was up, which could be equated with his warranty being up. Like with a computer, your warranty lasts a year or two but the computer itself lasts five, six, or more years. Many mobile phone contracts include a new phone after a certain number of years, while the phone will last years more.

Why weren't other mechanoids replaced like Kryten nearly was? Perhaps they were purchased with a different service contract.