Red Dwarf : Rank Series XI Episodes

Rank Series XI Episodes

8/10 - Can of Worms (despite how derivative it is -- like most of series 11 -- i did enjoy this one a lot).

7/10 - Officer Rimmer (the only other stand out episode as far as being funny is concerned).

6/10 - Twentica (I did enjoy this one but only laughed a few times).

5/10 - Samsara (Not very funny but I thought it had quite a good sci-fi story).

5/10 - Give and Take (another great sci-fi time travel plot but not much of the funny).

4/10 - Krysis - probably the one I found least funny. There was a real opportunity for jokes with the universe but the episode focused instead on Kryten, Butler and Gelfs.

I'm gonna watch all six consecutively at some point this or next week so will come back to this thread and see if watching them all in a row has effected my enjoyment of them.

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8 / 10: Give and Take - whilst the storyline wasn't that interesting, I did find it funny and I did like Snacky.
7 / 10 Officer Rimmer - one of the funnier episodes and an interesting idea but I would have liked something more original for Rimmer
7 / 10 Samsara - not the funniest episode of the series but I did like the storyline
7 / 10 Can of Worms - again not that funny but an interesting idea. I did like the baby Polymorpths turning into cute things to avoid being killed / abandoned
6 / 10 Krisis - quite liked the concept and some cute moments for Kryten but I didn't laugh that much.
3 / 10 Twentica - didn't enjoy this one on any level, neither finding it funny or the storyline that good. Before watching it, I assumed Rimmer and Kryten would spend the episode in hiding but it was this strange 1950's thing instead and was the most un-Red Dwarf episode of the series.

Overall, the series was decent and as good as could be expected but not on the same level as series 1 - 6

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"Officer Rimmer" is easily the weakest episode of Series 11. It's essentially "Rimmerworld" with a location change.

"Attempted murder? It's not like he killed someone!"