Red Dwarf : The move to Dave

The move to Dave

Does anyone think that Red Dwarf moving to Dave has affected it's production? When it was a BBC show it featured a great of location work, yet there has hardly been any of that in this season.

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I reckon they have a bigger budget now and can do more with the sets and CGI.

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Bigger budget now? The Dave budget is a lot less than the BBC budget, and it often shows.
Look how sparsely decorated the current Starbug cockpit set is compared to the one in series 6.
Also there aren't too many model shots, and when there are the quality varies greatly.
And what about the dead Polymorph?
I think they're doing the best they can with the budget they've got, and they really are doing a good job of making it look more expensive than it is. But it still looks a little cheap compared to the BBC ones. The continued re-use of that CGI lift shaft shot doesn't help either.

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I think you will find that although they have a smaller budget. What they can do with it now is far in excess of what they could do with the BBC budget back in the day.

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I think it has seriously effected the American's being able to see it. srsly, dave channel on the internet can eat a bag of dicks.

I loved it when it was on WLIW/PBS.

unfortunately BBCA does not show British shows I like [other than ST:TNG which is not a British show but Patrick Stewart is Jean Luc Picard and I guess that is the tikka to ride.]

Oh God. Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more.

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It didnt so much move to Dave as be resurrected by it. There wouldn't have been any more bbc red dwarf so Im glad of what we have. back to Earth had a noticeably slim budget but the other two series look good

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