Red Dwarf : we cant shoot we might take out mr rimmer

we cant shoot we might take out mr rimmer

a line spoken by kryten in in officer rimmer when attempting to kill the multiple rimmer creature and hologram rimmer is in the way.

have the writers forgot that hard light holograms are almost invincible

bazookoid fire wouldn't damage the real rimmer

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When Rimmer became Ace it was because the hard light projector became damaged. It's not the hard light parts but damaging the emittor they were worried about. I think.

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I have unfortunately not seen the season 11 episodes so I don't know about this now...

but I do know that Rimmer got his first hard light bee from Legion, well before he became Ace.

and the thing about Rimmer and his hard light bee... he rarely used it, to save it's battery/power or something, although I do remember Kryten telling him to use it more often to become more used to it.

You can tell what light bee he is using by the color of his uniform... Blue means Hard Light... red was soft light.

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Apparently, Rimmer's hologram projection was originally meant to be in black-and-white (soft light, with his hard light form being in full colour). It'd be interesting to see that concept being introduced.

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This annoyed me as well. So far as I know, Rimmer is still an indestructible hard light hologram. It makes a bunch of events in this series so far total nonsense.

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The show has always been iffy when it comes to Rimmer being a hologram - from S1 onwards, he's been sleeping in a bunk when he wasn't able to touch things in the early days. It's like the writers forget that he's a hologram sometimes and just focus on his personality, which I'm not complaining about too much.

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The sleeping in a bunk thing isn't that much of a stretch. If you had the ability to reproduce a dead person as hologram, complete with all their memories and personality, it's fair to say you could also easily program in the basic solid dimensions of the environment it's being projected in (i.e. Red Dwarf itself).
If Holly had a 3D schematic map of the ship in his databanks, it could be integrated into the hologram programme so that certain static areas (walls, floors, bunks etc) would not be able to be penetrated by the projection, effectively making them 'solid' for the hologram.
Other movable things within the ship (people, objects etc.) could not be accounted for by this, therefore a hologram can walk through people and is unable to pick up objects.
The problem with this idea though is the times you see Rimmer sitting in a moveable chair, or when he suddenly falls onto the table during the draughts/checkers game.
Also, the very first time we see the very first hologram, in the very first episode (George McIntyre), he's sitting down on chair too.
I suppose maybe if an object stays in place long enough, such as chair, the hologram projection reads this as a solid object and stops the hologram penetrating it.
But as with most things in RD, it's inconsistent and they even changed means of how holograms were projected.
Anyway, I'm probably thinking about this way too much. It's a TV show, and the important thing about Rimmer is his personality, not the mechanics of his physical status.

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Yea the thing is in the books Rimmer being a Hologram works easily but in the commentary of one of the series Chris Barrie mentioned how difficult it was remembering not to touch things during filming which is why it was a relief when hard light was introduced. The series is full of continuity errors but it's not supposed to be picked apart.

Also, in Emogawk Ace Rimmer throws himself over the grenade. Kryten says:

"How did you know it wouldn't penetrate you're hard light drive?"

Based on that I'd assume that Rimmers Hard light drive whilst near invulnerable, is actually capable of being damaged by something strong enough like a gun or explosion.

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Continuity was never a strong point in the Red Dwarf series.