Red Dwarf : Krysis


I get the distinct impression this episode had a title long before they came up with a story to fit around it.

Another good sci-fi story (towards the end) but still waiting for the laughs I'm afraid.

The first half of the episode lingers on Kryten's mid-life crisis then switches to Butler (excellently played by Dominic Coleman) but then concludes with the group meeting the universe which frankly, should have been the whole plot -- there were great opportunities for gags with that kind of scenario but it was over in a flash.

Rimmer asking the universe for ID was funny for example and they should have done more of that sort of thing instead of wasting 20 minutes on Kryten and Butler. It was all a bit... whatever.

A good outing for Kryten I suppose but not a very memorable episode.

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One thing I wondered about was why didn't Butler look more like a human than Kryten because in Out of time when Kryten believed Lister was a mechanoid he said Lister appeared more human because he was an earlier model

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He's from the same series. Like an iPhone 6, 6S, 6E, 6 Plus, 6 S Plus etc are different models if the 6 series which are all different from the iPhone 5 series' models.

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They did fit a lot of great original material in a half hour episode that felt like an hour show.

The Universe was a Morgan Freeman imitation.


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I thought Rimmer asking the Universe for proof it was the universe was a parody of Kirk asking god for proof that he was god in Star Trek The Final Frontier

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Me too.

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I would have expected Kryten to have significantly got the upper hand over Butler at some point. Not in a destructive way but just in some way that humiliated the other one in person, although to be fair Butler was clever rather than deliberately arrogant with it so maybe I should stop wanting the big stereotype all the time. Kryten briefly pointing out that Butler didn't know the full ins and outs of their own ship whilst Butler wasn't there was hardly a great pay off. Or, alternatively, you'd expect to see a particular reason for Kryten to go back to pre-mid life crisis. Alternative kind of selves is hardly a new idea in Red Dwarf and, really, they don't need the retreads as setup for the episodes quite so much. Butler's quarters and tastes were like a retread of Legion but without the cool multiple personalities idea. And alternative kind of self is Me2.

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The closing gag of the entire show was that he did not get the upper hand. That was the joke. And also a witty plot. The idea, or shall I dare say fear or envy, that some older folk have that a younger person can be better then them at everything...

It was a witty intelligent original comedy that handled its darker themes very upliftingly.

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I felt this was the worst episode of the series, and a real let down after the improvement of the last couple of episodes.

Seemed to be all over the place, but agree with what you said that this episode seemed based on a basic idea that they had been sitting on for a while, but just no idea how to execute it.

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I thought the idea of the story was good, but some of the execution was lacking.

The whole idea of a midlife crisis being an experience common to all beings / entities was quite clever. That Kryten was envious / jealous towards Butler is nothing we haven't seen in Rimmer before, though.

Kryten becoming a sports-mech was a little overdone, but not to the point of annoyance. The only thing that really annoyed me was the GELF pronunciation scene; it started off as entertaining but dragged on far too long.

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Perhaps the worst episode of the series for me, despite Kryten being one of my favourite characters. He had a few nice moments and I raised a smile a few times but I didn't laugh out loud once.

The most shocking part of the episode was the fact that Rimmer was almost nice, which shows how fairly disinterested I was in part of the storyline. It was a great idea but somehow it wasn't executed well.

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I thought the whole episode was brilliant and wonderfully done. Almost Dougie Adams like.

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I've always been more interested in the gags than the sci-fi... but at least when it was a two-man writing team, you got BOTH, rather than one or the other...

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