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Best series

For me, each series got progressively better up until 5 and 6. That was the peak, the perfect blend of intriguing sci-fi plots and laugh out loud comedy moments.

Since then they haven't hit those levels, and they probably never will again: Series 7 and 8 had their moments but weren't great, and the recent series that were made for 'Dave' haven't been particularly special.

What do you think? Favourite series and/or episode?

Re: Best series

Series 5-6 for me (maybe just slightly more series 6).

Not a huge fan of series (mainly) 3 and 4 (but 1 and 2 are classics!) but everything they did in these two series built up and finally came together with some fine tuning in series 5 and 6 for the right mix of sci-fi and comedy.

Re: Best series

Funniest series for me is II. But at that point the show still suffered from looking cheap. Whereas the visuals in V and VI were the best they've ever had. Plus by this time the humour was almost as sharp as in II again.

So in terms of ticking all the boxes V and VI are very hard to beat.
If VI has a problem it's the slightly repetitive nature of the plot structures and jokes, which become apparent if you binge-watch that series. Also, the last half of Emohawk is pretty lazy.

Therefore, I think "best series" would have to go to V. It's got all the best aspects of VI, plus Holly.

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Although series 5 does ring out to me production and sci-fi-wise, and series 4 rings out as the best place to get a feel for all episode types of Red Dwarf, I'm with Chris Barrie when he says he prefers to think of favourite episodes. It loses so much if you concentrate on just one series when all the series have been stylistically different to each other in small or large ways and the characters' personalities have changed in some respects whilst still retaining a core that can be relied on for comedic effect.

Re: Best series

I agree about having favourite episodes rather than favourite series.

For me, S1 is one of the weaker series overall but there's still two or three episodes that I'm happy to watch again and again because of some of the funnier Lister/Rimmer and Cat moments and because it's a little different to later series with no Kryton etc.

Re: Best series

seasons I and II are the best. Fave episode is from season IV though, the Ace Rimmer one, or possibly Queeg. After that it was pretty much downhill, ok through V and VI but never as good. I enjoyed season X though, not impressed with XI so far

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Re: Best series

Hard to pick out one series. One thru six all have multiple quality episodes.
That said there was a huge dip in form after Rob Grants departure. When you listen to Doug Naylor talk about how Grant would reject idea after idea after idea until he was either satisfied, or time ran out it becomes clear why series 6 is the last of the high watermark efforts.

Re: Best series

The show starts off being decent and gets progressively better until 5, which is its peak.

It then gets progressively worse until series 8, which is the show's low point.

It then gets progressively better again, with series 11 being better than 7 but worse than 6.

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