Red Dwarf : Am I the only Dwarf fan…

Am I the only Dwarf fan…

...that simply doesn't find Cat, funny?

Think it may be to do with John-Jules himself. His line delivery and comic timing always seem so off.

Is it just me?

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I find him quite funny most of the time, in fact he sometimes has the best one-liners.

He's not as well drawn as Lister or Rimmer though and for me, those two are at the heart of the show, though I love Kyyton as well. I can't sympathise with Cat in quite the same way I can Lister and Rimmer but the show would be missing something if he wasn't there in terms of one-liners.

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The show's shown it can evolve, just like the Cat himself. It even survived 4 episodes without Rimmer. So whilst Lister is the most important character as he's the only living human, all of the characters have a part to play in the chemistry. Cat was a peculiar character on first sight- a dance man who goes 'Ow' and spins around on the spot like James Brown is not something you expect. I'm glad that the Cat lost his cattiness of eating fish all the time and that he's now mainly a 'cool cat', as in a jazz way.
Cat is acknowledged by the cast as getting many of the one liner laughs from the audience.
He's such an upbeat soul that he's different from the others.


"There's nothing we can do. I know for a fact there's no champagne".

"They're right. They will miss you".

"I was with you right up to the part where you said 'Simply'".

(give or take a word).

And his great performance in the song Tongue Tied.

Plus Dwayne Dibbley.

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Lol you forgot,

"We all could if it was you"

And other great ones

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He's my least favourite by a long way but I'm glad he's there.

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Cat brings another dimension to the comedy writting. He's darker by being more selfish and obviously more animalistic. He's less likeable on purpose. His lines fit a selfish dumb animal. On his own I might agree, but, looking at the whole it needs him to work.

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I should add that a lot of Krytron's jokes only work because he's contrasted against the Cat.

For example,

Lister, "What is this thing?"

Cat, "It's a whibbly gun. It makes things go all whibblified."

Kryton, "It appears to destabilize the molecular structure of solid objects sir."

Rimmer, "His (Cat's) version was clearer."

Laugh track sounds! :-)

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Agreed, SpongeBob. Kryten and Cat could make a sweet double act. Logic v passion. I can't think of when they've ever had their 'Marooned' moment.

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Thanks for the replies. To be honest I was expecting to get a lot of hate for my post. You all answered very brilliantly and have actually made me rethink the character a bit.

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The problem with the Cat is that he's not had any centric episodes like the other three.

I don't care about a troll who doesn't pay for his opinion telling me how to review movies.

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He's my favourite character.

But then, my favourite TV show is Derek so take from that what you will.

Boys just wanna have fun...

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If I ranked favourite and funniest characters, 1. Lister, 2. Cat, 3. Rimmer, 4. Kryten.

"I said no camels, that's five camels, can't you count?"