Seinfeld : Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Season 1-
Fav: The Stakeout
Least Fav: The Seinfeld Chronicles/First Episode
NOTE: Even my fav isn't a great episode in general.

Season 2-
Fav: The Chinese Restaurant
Least Fav: The Busboy (Boring episode in general.)
NOTE: Season 2 had a lot of boring/bad episodes in general.

Season 3-
Fav: The Boyfriend
Least Fav: The Dog, I guess but I've always thought it was underrated and nowhere near the worst episode of all time. Well, The Pen would be there since 50% of the cast wasn't there.

Season 4-
Fav: The Contest
Least Fav: Hard to say since a lot of episodes in that season were winners. I guess The Visa or The Old Man, the latter because of how annoying the guest characters were.

Season 5-
Fav: The Opposite (BEST EPISODE EVER!)
Least Fav: The Wife, mostly because it's awakard seeing Courteney Cox before she was in the rival show.

Season 6-
Fav: The Race
Least Fav: The Big Salad, I guess.

Season 7-
Fav: The Soup Nazi
Least Fav: Again hard to say, but I'm going with The Seven.

Season 8-
Fav: The Bizarro Jerry
Least Fav: The Van Buren Boys

Season 9-
Fav: The Merv Griffin Show
Least Fav: The Finale *EDIT*: Actually, the episode before, not The Clip Show, The Puerto Rican Day was also horrible.


Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

You would get an Upvote and a Like from me for picking The Race from Season 6 as your favorite as it is my favorite episode of the entire series.

Season 1
Best: The Seinfeld Chronicles or Pilot. I chose this just because it is so different from the rest of the show.
Worst: The Robbery. It's alright just kind of boring to me.

Season 2
Best: The Phone Message. This was really close because I also really like The Ex-Girlfriend. This is one of my favorite George episodes.
Worst: The Deal. My least favorite episode of the entire series.

Season 3
Best: The Tape. The tension between George and Elaine is priceless! It is both a great George episode and a great Elaine episode.
Worst: The Dog. This one is so forgettable it feels like a total waste of thirty minutes. It hardly ever is on in syndication which is not a bad thing.

Season 4
Best: The Visa. This was very hard because several of episodes were good here. The subplot of Jerry trying to not be funny so George looks funny is one of the funniest things they did on the show.
Worst: The Old Man. For some reason I have never really liked this one.

Season 5
Best: The Cigar Store Indian. I really liked the theme for this one with Jerry trying his best not to appear like he is using stereotypes in his wording of things.
Worst: The Pie. I always thought the whole thing with Jerry wondering why his girlfriend Audrey wouldn't try a piece of pie he offered be the main plot of the entire episode was pretty dumb.

Season 6
Best: The Race. My favorite episode of the entire show.
Worst: I really can't decide here, this is also my favorite season of the show as well. If I had to choose I would pick The Diplomat's Club simply because it ended The Elaine and Mr. Pitt story arc which I thought was just too good and should have been longer.

Season 7
Best: The Hot Tub. This is by far the best episode in this season namely because of the side characters like Jean Paul and the Houston Astros agents.
Worst: The Seven. I thought that this one is just plain stupid, another lame one is The Pool Guy episode.

Season 8
Best: The Bizarro Jerry. It is really hard to not pick this one because the premise is very funny. Feldman's idea for the alarm clock that tells you the weather when you wake up would have made him a fortune back in 1996.
Worst: The Pothole. You could tell by this point that the writers were coming up with some really stupid ideas by this point. The subplots with Elaine acting like she is a janitor to get some special Chinese food flounder is really too stupid. Add this to George having to bribe construction workers for a jackhammer and it is a must miss for me.

Season 9
Best: The Voice. Kramerica Industries and Darren the Intern alone make this the best.
Worst: The Puerto Rican Day. This one was so bad it offended Puerto Ricans and was banned for quite some time. I also think the writing is also not very good here.

Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Agree on
The Van Buren Boys and The Dog are two of the WORST ! However "Male Un-bonding" is the best of season 1- I think.

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Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

I finally came up with a top 25, and I may make a separate thread or reply to one but I don't know…">

As far as worsts go, I'd go with the first episode, The Busboy, The Deal, Male Unbonding, and a bunch from seasons 1-2.


Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Season 1
Fav.: The Stakeout
Least fav.: All the others

Season 2
Fav.: The Jacket (Too bad Lawrence Tierney was crazy and couldn't return)
Least fav.: The Deal

Season 3
Fav.: The Library
Least fav.: The Dog (least favorite ep. of the show)

Season 4
Fav.: The Bubble Boy
Last fav.: The Smelly Car (only bad season 4 ep.)

Season 5
Fav.: The Puffy Shirt
Least fav: The Masseuse

Season 6
Fav: The Fusilli Jerry
Least fav.: The Chaperone

Season 7
Fav.: Too many to choose from (The Gum, The Rye, The Doll, etc.)
Least fav.: None (Maybe The Caddy, but that's only because Kramer screws the case up so badly)

Season 8
Fav.: The Chicken Roaster
Least fav.: The Money

Season 9
Fav.: The Merv Griffin Show
Last fav.: The Maid

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Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Wow, some of these lists are all over the place.

Season 1-
Fav: The Robbery; I like the whole Jerry/George squabble over who gets the better apartment.
Least Fav: Male Unbonding; Joel is just too much of an azzhole to put up with.

Season 2-
Fav: The Baby Shower; Elaine at her simpering best.
Least Fav: The Apartment; They cannot just end with a rock band living upstairs that is never addressed again.
NOTE: Gotta give The Deal some love here too, since it actually happened to Larry David! It comes in second for me as the best.

Season 3-
Fav: The Truth; Very underrated; I am surprised it's so good every time I see it. Patrice and Tina are great girlfriends!
Least Fav: The Good Samaritan; A woman threatens Jerry? Feh!
(If The Bet actually got made, that would probably be my favourite.)

Season 4-
Fav: The Pitch; Mainly because this was the first episode I ever saw back in 1992.
Least Fav: The Smelly Car; It's a lame premise with no resolution at all, very frustrating.

Season 5-
Fav: The Opposite; This one does not play without freezing on my DVD anymore because I wore it out.
Least Fav: The Lip Reader; I love them all this season but the premise here is just weird.

Season 6-
Fav: The Soup; I just love the whole dynamic between Jerry and Bania. We are introduced to a guy that Jerry obviously dislikes, and has done so long before the beginning of this episode. Jerry winces whenever Kenny says anything!
Least Fav: The Doorman; Jerry unfairly persecuted for a half hour is not entertaining to me.

Season 7-
Fav: The Soup Nazi; Easily the one they show in the dictionary next to the word "Seinfeld."
Least Fav: The Cadillac and The Bottle Deposit; Tie as the biggest wastes of 45 minutes each of the series. If they were trimmed down to a single episode length each, they would improve greatly.

Season 8-
Fav: The Bizarro Jerry and The Little Kicks; From the later season, these are two greats.
Least Fav: The Muffin Tops; I elect this one as the worst episode of the series.

Season 9-
Fav: The Merv Griffin Show and The Maid; The only two really rewatchable episodes of the season.
Least Fav: The Frogger or The Strongbox; Or simply take your pick of all the others, as 90% of this season was awful. I do often wonder where they would have gone had it continued though.

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Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Season 1:
Best: The Stock Tip
Worst: The Male Unbonding

Season 2:
Best: The Baby Shower
Worst: The Busboy

Season 3:
Best: The Subway
Worst: The Dog

Season 4:
Best: Tie between The Contest and The Airport
Worst: The Smelly Car

Season 5:
Best: The Puffy Shirt
Worst: The Mango

Season 6:
Best: The Race
Worst: The Label Maker

Season 7:
Best:The Soup Nazi
Worst: The Wig Master

Season 8:
Best: The Bizarre Jerry
Worst: The Susie

Season 9:
Best: The Frogger
Worst: The Finale

Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Hey, you need to write capsule reviews as to why you picked them!

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Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

"Capsule reviews"? Who are you, Joe Hollywood?

Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Capsule reviews. You know – blurbs.

They were pretty rough, but they had something.
What was it?
I think it was the trousers.

Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

You're a blurb!

Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?

Have a nice life sentence, that is!

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Re: Favorite and least favorite episode of each season?


season 1:
favorite: THE STAKEOUT (just loved how "Art Vandelay" is formed, and the simple yet nicetly written title storyline)
least: THE ROBBERY (noticed some "dead" moments in it more than the rest of that short season)

season 2:
favorite: THE APARTMENT (underrated if you ask me)
least: THE STRANDED (originally meant to be that season's finale. also somewhat awkward but has its moments)

season 3:
favorite: THE BOYFRIEND (first hour-long episode, and best one. a true classic)
least: THE KEYS (not bad but felt too different in style)

season 4:
favorite: THE OUTING (overall favorite as well)
least: THE HANDICAP SPOT (also favorite season along with 7, this one just less than the rest)

season 5:
favorite: THE BRIS (another underrated one, with probably my favorite single-episode character)
least: THE STAND-IN (not sure why, somewhat too bitter perhaps)

season 6:
favorite: THE RACE (love the superman tributes and over-dramatic moments)
least: THE GYMNAST (was surprisingly hard to find one in this season, didn't love the whole 3D-poster storyline)

season 7:
favorite: THE INVITATIONS (probably my favorite season finale)
least: THE WIG MASTER (in my other favorite season, even my least favorite is not that much so)

season 8: least favorite season
favorite: THE COMEBACK (such a "George" thing to do, quite enjoyable)
least: THE MONEY (probably also least favorte episode overall. along with THE CHECKS from the same season. just weak)

season 9:
favorite: THE SERENITY NOW (not brilliant but probably closest to the level of the "golden age" of seasons 4-7)
least: THE VOICE (most overrated episode. in fact, take the title storyline out and the rest of it is much better)