Field of Dreams : I remember it as "if you build it, THEY will come."

I remember it as "if you build it, THEY will come."

Does anyone else remember that it used to be "they" instead of "he"?

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I was just thinking the same thing. I watched the movie today for the first time at least 20 years and I could have swore it was They not He. But I was a little kid when I saw it last so I guess I just mis remembered

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It's always been he that I know of - although just which he was ambiguous, at least initially. The only context in which they would make any sense (even to a half-crazy Iowa corn farmer) would be if for example Johnny Kinsella, the whole 'Blacksocks Brigade' and Moonlight Graham came to play.

Re: I remember it as "if you build it, THEY will come."

Yes, I do. I remember exactly as you have...Strange Eh?
Hell, many of us QUOTED that line in jest when someone was actually doing a building project or starting their own business.
We would say: "Build it and THEY will come..." And then people would chuckle, laugh, etc...

For those that are ADAMANT that the line was "Build it and HE will come" are just as correct as the people that know it as i do.

There is NO WRONG ANSWER here...
It is Alternate Realities converging...What is called the Mandela Effect or the Quantum Effect.

Check out the Wizard of Oz.
In 'My Reality' the Scarecrow did NOT have a Revolver.
The Lion did NOT have a Butterfly Net & Bug Spray.
The Tin Man did NOT have a HUGE Pipe Wrench along with his Axe.

Re: I remember it as "if you build it, THEY will come."

After looking up some of what is said about this mandela effect thing, i somewhat take back the thing about how some remember things differently. Not that i think they are right and have legitimacy, but i was confused how they could think the timeline was being messed with and changed like back to the future. They believe by some new age woo that they somehow stepped into another reality and are living in an alternate revised version of the same reality where our history is the same but all the minor details are different. Sounds kind of pointless to me if you are doing this to run the world or something. Why not change bigger things that make it easier, and any potential setback they've had could be corrected? Instead they chose to change product and movie quotes. If that is the kind of elite that is running things, i think we should feel pretty secure as that is one hell of an incompetent elite.

This is the one and only time i have ever heard of Jiffy peanut butter, because i remember JIF all the way back to the 90s. Although Jiffy sounds like it would be a legitimate name, i can remember being real small and seeing JIF and those three colored panels that these three big letters are on. It somehow made me think of aladdin, though i am not entirely sure why. My guess is people probably said it that way as it seems to be some weird quirk of the older generation to say things differently than they are written, and they don't think about it for a long time and it is just kind of in the back of their heads. If American Dad is any indication, it had a different design altogether that is foreign to me.

I remember back to the early 2000s looking up some actress that did voices in an old cartoon that i am not entirely sure what it was, but i remember she appeared in Sex and the City, and i most certainly remember it saying AND rather than IN because i remember something jumping out at me with it being AND. Not exactly easy to explain, though i do remember thinking it sounded like a sum up of what people generally like or are into. I also had the fortune of reading the title first before hearing people speak it, which could be why many confuse it.

Queen, that one took me a minute because i too remember of the world at the end, but at the same time, it could just be that it left off without closure and my mind just filled it in. I thought of it and i do somewhat remember it leaving off like that too. If it was there, i suppose they made a radio edit or something.

I can't speak for nelson mandela as i didn't hear about him until recent years. Nor can i this movie, berenstain bears, star wars, or snow white as i either never seen those back then, or i was far too young when i was around them. The Berenstain bears i do seem to remember seeing them, but not much about reading their title. I feel like i may have seen it and read it as Berenstain because something about that does jump out, but i didn't know much about the name Bernstein back then. But then that could just be me. But I know a lot of people tend to hear something said a certain way, and when they glance at something spelled similar, they read it as that until they look closer at it. I know i have done stuff like that before. It kind of goes to show humanity's nature to assume things before actually looking into it.

Among other things. JCPenney i remember seeing only that, though i did sometimes think it was JCPenny, though that feels incomplete in my head looking at it. But we often think of Penney as penny, like the coin. The only evidence we have of JCPenny is old newspapers, which DO spell things wrong. Same with stuff like Skechers. One thing i notice about this so called "evidence" is that they never had the logo on them, just some text talking about them. Not even any legitimate copyright or ads from them, just some ad from some irrelevant store that probably does not exist anymore. I also am not 100% sure about Scarecrow, but i do seem to remember the Lion having repellent, but this was a viewing i had of the movie from back in 2007.

Also apparently some sinbad movie from the 90s that predates Kazaam apparently called something like Shazaam existed. Either a group of trolls humor this, or they really remember something that did not exist. I can't say anything about that because i have no memory of such a thing, but they all seem to remember close to the same thing. It seems like it is almost exactly the same movie aside from certain minor yet prominent differences, and i even saw some people claiming they remember a scene from it that i know for a fact is from Kazaam. Either some confusion is happening, or this really did exist. If it did, i also considered maybe it might not be so much the Mandela Effect but what if it was, instead, the Star Wars Holiday Special or the Wraith effect. Maybe it does exist, but after Kazaam, for some reason, they decided to remove all evidence of its existence, perhaps out of embarrassment or to avoid copyright issues?

Apparently this is some conspiracy to make us feel like we are losing our minds, though when i see something is different than i remember, i just go "Oh, okay." I don't have some sort of weird inner monologue questioning my mental state or whatever. Ironically, the Mandela Effect makes people do something closer to that far more than remembering things wrong. I just think it's an excuse people cooked up to feel special, and also feed their delusion that they can never be wrong. I just act like a grown up and accept that i can be wrong and move on, but whatever, that's just crazy me.

If i start seeing that Pokemon was always called Pocket Monster in the west, and Pokemon was just some weird slang term some kids had, and the famous song goes "Gotta Catch 'em all, Pock-et-Mon-ster.", if JFK was never assassinated, Michael Jackson died in 2013, Hubert Humphrey was president and sparked nationwide riots for four years and our country went into recession in the late 60s rather than the mid-70s, if presidents have four terms, then yes, we will most definitely talk. But it is all *beep* we can gloss over and mistake, which to me sounds like it never happened.

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Re: I remember it as "if you build it, THEY will come."

I just posted most of this in another thread on another topic...
Once you watch these videos you will SEE that spellings were different and not all that long ago.
As early as 2006 there is a US Patent of a product produced by JCPENNY and not JCPenney.
To be fair both (names) are in the US Patent office.
However, to make a mistake about spellings in the Patent office can cost millions if not billions of dollars depending on the product.
ESPECIALLY a company like Coca~Cola Patents.

Here is my Re-Post:

Say here is a YouTube by a guy named Scarabperformance.
He goes to the United States Patent Office and looks up a few things that we REMEMBER.
The US Patent Office I would suspect would not have many 'errors'.
In order to SECURE a Patent you would have to have a team of lawyers go over all the wording with a Fine Tooth Comb...Correct?
Especially corporations like Coca~Cola for example with their PATENT on the labeling of Bottles of Coke Zero.
Now history states it has always been Coca-Cola Zero and NOT Coke Zero.
However, in the US PATENT OFFICE it is COKE ZERO.
Glitch in the Matrix? LOL
I REMEMBER Coke Zero very well. This changed last summer. Very new ME!

For many more then view these videos...Fabreeze, Coke Zero, Luke, I am your Father, Etc...

First Video Patent Office:
(If you want to skip Scarab's chatting then go to 7:55 on the video but, he is a funny guy and I enjoy listening to him speak.
Even with his DEEP voice. LOL)

Second Video Patent Office:

Bonus ME Video:

This last one is for laughs. (Purple Squirrels?!? WTH)
We cannot say it is a 100% ME but, it is funny and Scarab's Laughter is contagious...

SIDE NOTE: Did you know that The Flintstones WAS a Mandela Effect? (ME)
It went from The Flintstones to the Flinstones (No T in Flint) BACK to The Flintstones. (With the T in Flint)
When it was Flinstones with out the T the Wiki Page and everything else said Flinstones (no T)
And many people were ADAMANT about it being The Flinstones with out the T.
And NOW it Flipped Back to The Flintstones as I always knew it was...
There is residual proof of this out there now...

Also as to WHY 'They' did this you can get some answers from this video in 2013 on the D-Wave Quantum Computer.
Listen closely to the TERMINOLOGY this man named Geordie Rose uses.
Like Resources. What Resources could you possibly get from a different Reality/Dimensions/Alternate Earths, etc?
It would NOT be Coal, Gas, Oil, Diamonds and such now would it?
It would be INFORMATION. Dark Information.
You MAY understand what I mean once you listen closely to this guy's terminology.
Creepy is what it is to me and the word Creepy isn't enough.

D-Wave Quantum Computer Video:

Now Geordie Rose states they have been doing this for 9 years (from 2013).
Listen to the math he uses...Listen to HOW he describes being next to one of these D-Wave Quantum Computers.

And realize he is NOT at a Comic Con. He is speaking to Academia, Professors, Physicists, etc...Not the Average Joe!

My personal belief (and many others too) is that they are SEARCHING for a particular Portal/Doorway to another Dimension.
And that every time they Fire Up their Quantum Computer it makes 'Changes' in our reality...
This has been coined to be Quantum Tunneling...
And the Mandela Effect is better named: Quantum Effect.

Re: I remember it as 'if you build it, THEY will come.'

As a nice simple post following on from the others, it was always "he will come". It has never been "they" but it is one of the most misquoted lines from a film, so people are convinced it is "they will come". Remember, "he" was Ray's dad.

Re: I remember it as 'if you build it, THEY will come.'

Yes, it was always "he" but the "he" (which is in the beginning of the film -- we hear the voice again later with different statements) refers to Shoeless Joe Jackson. It is very clear in the first part of the film.

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