Field of Dreams : James Horner's score.

James Horner's score.

Man, I tell you what, as beautiful as this film is as a whole, just hearing that wonderful score by James Horner is enough to break me down.

Rarely has there ever been music written for a film that's as gentle, dreamlike, sarene and magical as what is heard in this masterpiece of a film.

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Agree absolutely. The music alone can make me cry. In my humble opinion, only one other film with a soundtrack as evocative is K-Pax. Music by Edward Shearmur. Gentle,dreamlike, serene and magical. Just how you rightly described Field of dreams soundtrack.

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"The Drive Home" is the part that hits me the most.

Mr. Grady, you were the caretaker here.

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Absolutely stunning music in that part, my favourite piece of music in the movie but it's a great score throughout.

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Agreed. And in case anyone hasn't already seen this from the DVD bonus features, check this out.

"But baseball has marked the time" ~Field of Dreams~

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Checked it out - excellent!

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watch it again

see James Earl Jones reaction at the baseball game when costner hears "Go the distance"

it is something i missed the first time i saw it