Field of Dreams : Field of Dreams under siege from developer

Field of Dreams under siege from developer

Although it's rarely known outside the immediate area surrounding Dyersville Iowa, site of the actual Field of Dreams, there is in fact a developer who has purchased the entire field from Don Lansing and has plans to build a youth baseball training facility with an additional 24 baseball diamonds, parking lot and other amenities just beyond the immediate corn surrounding the original FoD--in fact, dwarfing it.

If you'd like to see phase one plans for it, check out the diagram: e-Plan-Phase-1-of-3.pdf

Fortunately, local farmers have taken the plans to court and forced an injunction for the time being, citing that the town representatives that voted in favor of this plan illegally re-zoned agricultural land for commercial use: -returns-field-dreams-site/10512109/

The representatives that voted for it apparently have been voted out of office after a local election by the citizens of Dyersville to boot.

I have to say it's astoundingly ironic for this training camp to even exist:
the film--and the field itself in reality--stand as a monument to the purity of the game itself, not tainted by corporations or developers or bigwigs who look only to profit from the fun of the national pastime.
I keep thinking it has to be a prank--but no, it's real, and it might actually happen.
However, you can contact the developer directly by phone or email--information here:
If you love the movie, or even just the site itself, let them know this is wrong, and a great disservice to everything Field of Dreams. Stop the development. It's important that people outside of the area let them know what they're doing is wrong, and won't support a conglomerate of baseball diamonds tainting just over the shoulder of one of the most serene, beautiful and momentous sports landmarks in film ever.