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Field of Dreams movie site on Google Maps

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Not surprised. Dyersville doesn't make a big deal about it. There's maybe one or two signs out on the interstate pointing it out, but other than that, it's not portrayed by the town as a tourist trap-like thing. The drive through town is serene, quiet, and again has maybe one official street sign where to turn on Dyersville Road to it. Even the actual road it's on is nothing but an unpaved dirt road, much like the humbleness of the field itself.

There are two souvenir stands--one for each side of the field since two different farmers owned a piece of it--and the house is strictly off-limits to visitors (and has a fence around it now, but it adds to it, not detracts) but it's still just as beautiful as the day they put it together. They have added a second bleachers along the third base line, but it still doesn't detract at all from the field itself.

If you want to learn more, visit the official site.

However, there's a dark side to this whole thing--a developer bought the entire field and now wants to build a gigantic baseball training camp just beyond the cornfield immediately surrounding the field itself.
It's disturbingly ironic, considering the film (and the field) were made to represent what was good and pure about the game--not about some 30 additional diamonds, giant parking lot and banquet hall being built behind it.

Fortunately local farmers have taken the plan to court, citing it was illegal for the town of Dyersville to re-zone the agricultural fields for commercial use, and are tying up the plans in legal mire, to say nothing of the fact local townspeople voted out the officials who voted for the gaudy training camp in the first place.

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Shoeless Joe Jackson: [Shakes his head] Owners.

You can't palm off a second-rater on me. You gotta remember I was in the pink!

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Yes, it's still there! We were there for a visit back in 2010:

When we were there, it had only one gift shop, as Don Lansing had bought the part of the field some years ago. Now I'm not sure who owns it, but did here the rumor about a baseball complex being built there.