Field of Dreams : I would give anything for just five minutes

I would give anything for just five minutes

This is my favorite movie. I see no flaws in it. It has one, if not, the best lines of dialogue in a movie about baseball. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a baseball junkie. Love the game in every respect. Follow it 365 days a year. That what this movie is My favorite movie since '89. I was nineteen. Or so I thought until Feb.13 1998. My dad passed away. I was 28. Then I saw the movie for what it really is about, second chances. Sometimes things get in the way and you don't tell family how you feel. You hold a grudge. Then something happens and all that's left is an empty space and a lot of regret. That happened to me. I think of my dad everyday. The good and bad and love every minute of it. I never could see what he tried to teach me then. But I think about it everyday. And everyday I wish I could build a field just to see my dad for just five minutes and tell him how much I love and miss him. I watch it at the start of the season. And on my dad's birthday. That's what this movie is about. That's why it will always be my favorite movie.

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Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading your post.

I agree with you that the movie is about second chances, but don't minimize the baseball theme. I have no problem saying it's about both. The fact that you watch Field of Dreams on your dad's birthday and at the start of the baseball season supports my point.

I think the multiple layers of the movie are what makes it so powerful.

By the way, I'm sure your dad knew that you loved him, no matter what happened between you.

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Just read your post dalstr. Thanks for sharing.

I had a good relationship with my Dad overall, but we argued like most. I think I had just gotten to where I was better able to understand how to get along with him and be closer when he got sick and died while I was in college. If I could talk to him again, by tearing up the cornfield behind my house to build a ballfield, I do it as soon as possible. (Of course, the farmer who owns it would object mightily.)

I like this movie more every time I see it. I have been to Dyersville three times and hope to go some Sunday and see a ghost game.

It really does work in many ways, far beyond the baseball-related theme.

If you've never read the novel, I recommend it. I read it before the movie came out. There are some big parts that didn't make the cut for the film, along with totally added portions designed to give the Annie a bigger role than the wife had in the novel. What they added wasn't bad, so I didn't mind--much.

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A very touching post.