Field of Dreams : Filmed During A Drought

Filmed During A Drought

Field of Dreams was filmed in Iowa during the middle of a drought, which required the baseball field and iconic cornfields in the area to be heavily watered during the production.

As a result, the crops grew at such a fast rate that it actually outgrew several of the shots. In at least one scene in the movie Kevin Costner is walking on an elevated plank through the corn to account for the difference in height from the previous shot.

Speaking of Kevin Costner—he nearly missed out on the career defining role of Ray Kinsella. The part was initially offered to Tom Hanks, who turned it down. Not that Hanks wouldn't have been good in the movie, but Costner needed it more.

Re: Filmed During A Drought

Interesting - the one scene that shows weather was in one night scene that showed fog moving in right at the top of the light poles...

Having been around rural farming areas at night I recognized that fog that usually forms late at night - brought back memories (lol)...


P.S. If I'm not mistaken, Dances With Wolves was KC's next film...

Re: Filmed During A Drought

Why are so many of Kevin Costner's movies long and boring? Does he get paid by the minute?

Re: Filmed During A Drought

I don't remember much about the summer of 1988, only that it was the summer before Kindergarten for me and that we went to Disney World, where we probably were while they were filming this, (we live about 70 miles west of Dyersville, in Waterloo/Cedar Falls)

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