Field of Dreams : The Field Was Built For John

The Field Was Built For John

I keep seeing posts about "If you build it, he will come" referring to Ray building the field for Shoeless Joe, and "Ease his pain" referring to Terry Mann.

I would tend to disagree with both. While the messages from The Voice do relate to both Jackson and Mann, they are not the primary references.

Throughout the film, Ray is portrayed as being impatient, and one of the strong themes of the movie is that of understanding your true destiny and true desires. When he has completed the field and Ray tells Shoeless Joe "I built it for you", he is assuming it was for Joe because Joe was the first to arrive. Only at the end, prior to John appearing does Joe say to Ray "If you build it, HE will come".

Further, throughout the film we learn of the angry end to Ray's relationship with John: first the ending of their games of catch, and finally Ray leaving home over John's respect for Shoeless Joe. What we don't hear about (and obviously can't) is how the end of the father/son relationship affected John. ray says he never spoke to his father again, so we have no idea how John felt about "losing" his son.

My impression is that "Ease his pain" relates to John's pain over losing Ray, and his simple response at the end of the film "I'd like that" reflects his desire to have his son back and the simple joy of having a catch.

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I thought that was pretty evident. Ray's wife even says, in sudden understanding, "Ease his pain" right after Ray says, in sudden understanding when he sees his dad, "If you build it, he will come."

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"if you build it. He will come" references John Kinsella

"ease his pain" was for Ray as stated when Shoeless Joe says "No Ray. It was you." It was Ray who was in pain.

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Yeah, they wrapped each of them up pretty tidy, not sure why there's confusion as to who was going to come, whose pain was to be 'eased', etc...

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