International Cinema : What International films did you see January/February 2016?

What International films did you see January/February 2016?

Stealing this from petrolino on the European film board. It will be great to hear some recommendations for international films you have seen during January/February 2016.

Films I have seen

The Attack (2012)
A decent Lebanese film about problems between Israel and Palestine. It follows an Arab surgeon living happily in Tel Aviv and hearing his wife has just become a suicide bomber. The story weaves it's way wonderfully and is a fine crime-mystery film.

Last Cab to Darwin (2015)
This is a wonderfully written Australian film about a terminally ill taxi driver who wants euthanasia and drives to Darwin after hearing about a lady who will do it. Michael Caton is just wonderful in the lead role with some great support from Ningali Lawford and Mark Coles Smith. The only downside was Jacki Weaver who has so little to do and just chews the scenery.

Wild Tales (2014)
Fabulous Argentinean film which tells 6 wild tales. All are very good with some being better than others but it is a fun film to watch with something for everyone.

City of Life (2009)
A UAE film about several characters whose lives interlink. It's not a bad film but it was kind of generic with some patchy acting.

Theeb (2014)
This is one of the finest films I have seen in a while. If you don't like slow burning films then you won't like this film from Jordan but if you do, then go see it. Theeb is beautifully shot and I found it totally mesmerising. The end gives some great closure and may spark discussions.

Holding the Man (2015)
The true Australian love story about Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo from them meeting in high school right through until John's death after contracting aids. I think I have seen better stories about this subject and I feel they rushed the script. As someone suggested on this film's board, it should have been turned into a mini series. The actors did a fine job but it needed a lot more time as it covered a very long period of time and tried to cover too much ground.

An Angel at My Table (1990)
A decent film about New Zealand author Janet Frame. I didn't know much about her and found it shocking that the story was true and she was about to get a lobotomy and the only reason they didn't was because she won a literary award. Kerry Fox was fabulous in the lead.

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (2014)
I like trial films and was shocked that this is the process for a divorce in Israel if you are Jewish. I never knew they were so sexist in this. But I always find different legal systems fascinating. I never knew it was a trilogy going into the film so I will seek out the first 2 parts.

Caramel (2007)
If you think all Middle Eastern countries and people are the same take a look at this Lebanese film. It is about the lives of 5 women (from a woman's perspective) living in Beirut. This has the same kind of feel and heart as something like Steel Magnolias and you feel for each of these women. Aziza Semaan is great as the batty old woman obsessed with paper.

What have you seen?