International Cinema : Blue Is The Warmest Color

Blue Is The Warmest Color

The IMDB synopsis will tell you that it is a lesbian love story. A small search through the web will also enlighten you regarding the graphic nature of the sex scenes. But the film is so much more.
Adele is an introvert teenager who finds love in Emma. The ups and downs of her subsequent life are the essence of the plot. What I liked most about the film is that the queer angle does not overshadow the feel of the film. It is essentially a love story; that the lovers are queer is very natural, maybe even incidental, to the plot. That the story does not beat its breasts on the discriminations faced by the protagonists lends it an exceptional gravity.
Both the lead characters are written with nuanced detail. Adele Exarchopoulos turns out an exceptional performance. The way she eats, cries with a dribbling nose and sleeps with an open mouth makes her so irresistible to me. Lea Seydoux is also a knockout as her firy, dominant lover. There is not much to the plot, so the film primarily depends on the performances of the lead, and they don't disappoint. The three hour length is a bit of a drag, especially in the second half, but Adele is so beautiful that I wouldn't mind looking at her even for a lifetime. The cinematographer makes extensive use of close ups to make the viewer fall in love with both the characters. The sex scenes are not only boner inducing, they are vital to capturing the passion of the romantic relationship. Effective use of lighting and colors is also a highlight of the cinematography. The screenplay is notable because Adele appears in every scene (reminded me of Polanski's Chinatown)
Overall, it is an endearing love story which deserves a relaxed watch.

" Aadmi mein agar veerta nahi hai, toh aadmi aadmi nahi hai."