International Cinema : Last Nights Watch...O Cangacerio (1953)

Last Nights Watch...O Cangacerio (1953)

O Cangacerio, (1953) Brazil, directed by Lima Barreto.

In the 1920's & 30's the arid backcountry of northern Brazil (the sertão) was the territory of nomadic social bandits the Cangaço.
Challenging the oppression of government and rich land owners the Cangacerios raided towns for revenge & plundering for much needed food and resources, their escapades were mostly supported by the poorer class, some of the gang leaders became Brazilian folk heroes.

Director Lima Barreto's inspiration for his internationally acclaimed film was real life stories of the Cangacerios & the exploits one of the most famous bandits Lampião and his gang.
The film is rich in cultural detail, authentic costume & weaponry, factual historical references, traditional music and songs accompany and add great effect throughout.

O Cangacerio won the "Best Adventure Film Award" at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival, highly praised for it's originality and national flavour, it was the first Brazilian film to win a prize at Cannes.

... Highly Recommended