International Cinema : Last Nights Watch..Afonya...Russia (1975)

Last Nights Watch..Afonya...Russia (1975)

Afonya (1975) Directed by Georgi Daneliya

A charming and delightful film, carried brilliantly by the main character a plumber named Afonya (Leonid Kuravlyov), who has become a womanising, drunken layabout living a meaningless existence.
Afonya is unmotivated and remains uncommitted when facing up to the really important matters in life... his health, his family & relationships, his social duty. Any excuse to avoid work is seized upon, Afonya is forever getting himself drunk & seeking out other women which continually leads him into trouble with girlfriends, boss and the local Committee. Setbacks and rejections stir feelings of depression and uncertainty about his life ahead. Afonya finally confronted with some unsettling home truths, looks within.
Lovely Katya (Evgeniya Simonova)..."Afonya! someone called, I thought it was you...". persists.
He has the will and an opportunity to get his life back onto a purposeful path.

Universally appealing story set in the picturesque Russian city of Yaroslavl... Humorous & heart-warming, an entertaining genuine feel-good film,

Highly Recommended...

Re: Last Nights Watch..Afonya...Russia (1975)

Not an easy film to find..

Sounds good though.