International Cinema : Ya shagayu po Moskve (1963)

Ya shagayu po Moskve (1963)

Walking The Streets Of Moscow... directed by Georgiy Daneliya

This is a delightful and breezy little film that captures the magic of youth and springtime in the fascinating historical Russian capital.
Master cinematographer Vadim Yusov who also worked with Andrei Tarkovsky films the city landscapes in beautiful black & white, showcasing the beauty of Moscow rarely seen by us Westerners.
Centred on youthful friendships and their hopes for a positive future the film flows along with a catchy now famous score that blends with the story theme to create a light-hearted and at times comic mood.
The mood of openness and freedom comes as a direct result of the Khrushchev Thaw, the dark past is now behind. Proudly the youth of Moscow are modernising, moving forward, boundless opportunities the spirit of freedom is in the air.

Highly Recommended...