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wat is ur fav spanish film

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You mean spanish films from "Spain"? or movies shot in the "spanish" language regardless of their "nationality?? or both?

These are 50 of my fav movies IN Spanish either from Spain, Latin America or co-productions between two or more spanish speaking countries (in no particular order):

Cría cuervos (Saura)
El espíritu de la colmena (Erice)
Mar Adentro (Amenábar)
Hable con ella (Almodóvar)
El crimen del padre Amaro (Carrera)
Diarios de motocicleta (Salles)
La mala educación (Almodóvar)
La zona (Rodrigo Plá)
Bajo California (Bolado)
Voces inocentes (Mandoki)
Y tu mamá también (Cuarón)
Veneno para las hadas (Taboada)
Actas de Marusia (Littín)
Viridiana (Buñuel)
El laberinto del fauno (del Toro)
Hombre mirando al sudeste (Subiela)
El espinazo del diablo (del Toro)
Nazarín (Buñuel)
Todo sobre mi madre (Almodóvar)
Ensayo de un crimen (Buñuel)
Él (Buñuel)
Amores perros (González Iñárritu)
Los olvidados (Buñuel)
El ángel exterminador (Buñuel)
El Topo (Jodorowsky)
Un lugar en el mundo (Aristaráin)
La última cena (Gutiérrez Alea)
La perla (Emilio Fernández)
María Candelaria (Emilio Fernández)
El lugar sin límites (Ripstein)
Memorias del subdesarrollo (Gutiérrez Alea)
El castillo de la pureza (Ripstein)
La historia oficial (Puenzo)
El hijo de la novia (Campanella)
Satanás (Andrés Baiz)
La teta asustada (Claudia Llosa)
Machuca (Andrés Wood)
Macario (Gavaldón)
El secreto de sus ojos (Campanella)
Canoa (Cazals)
Alsino y el cóndor (Littín)
Fresa y Chocolate (Gutiérrez Alea/Tabío)
El violín (Vargas)
Lo que le pasó a Santiago (Jacobo Morales)
Frida: Naturaleza viva (Leduc)
Volver a empezar (Garci)
Fando y Lis (Jodorowsky)
Biutiful (González Iñárritu)
Bajo la metralla (Cazals)
Sólo con tu pareja (Cuarón)

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Great list! I haven't seen all of them, but it contains quite a few films in Spanish that I love.

My personal favorite is Alejandro Amenábar's "Mar adentro".

Not mentioned yet, but a quiet little film that I loved is "Bombón: El Perro" (Carlos Sorin, Argentina 2004).

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A few favorites of mine,all Spanish speaking countries:
1)"Spirit of the Beehive"
2)"Like Water for Chocolate"
3)"All about my Mother"
4)"Don't die Without Telling me Where you are Going"
5)"Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown"
6)"Official Story"

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Without any hesitation "Viridiana" by Luis Buñuel (1961).

This movie was Spain's official contribution to the Cannes Festival. It received the Golden Palm. But on the very same day it was shown in Cannes it was totally forbidden in both Spain and France. (It was during the semi-dictatorship of de Gaulle.)

Some thing that were said about the movie at that time, were not true. Actually, general Franco had no objections to the movie. - But this was Buñuel's first movie in Spain since the Franco rebellion started. Now he was in a sense to be reconciled with this regime. But he actually had made a highly critical "bomb", not least against the Catholic Church.

As a consequence, when this film was shown in Sweden (and probably the same was true of many other countries), it was an enormous experience when the movie immediately started with the Halelujah Choir from Händel's "Messias".

Before young Viridiana retreats to a cloister she must visits her father's sister's former husband, whose economic aid had enabled (well, something that would make her retreat more easy). This sister died on her wedding night, probably during the sexual act. Physically, Viridiana is very similar to her paternal aunt. So the first night in the uncle's house/castle he takes out the wedding cloths of his dead wife and tries to put her corset on himself. This scene is accompanied by a section from Bach's Missa in B Minor, and the Choir sings "Born by a virgin".
In the same scene Viridiana is sleepwalking and goes past her uncle with garn balls in her basket and throws them in the fire. She puts ashes into the basket, and throws in on the uncle's bed.

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I agree with Viridiana, a haunting film.

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The Bunuel films.

Juan Antonio Bardem's Death Of A Cyclist

I've been trying to locate some movies from the golden age of Mexican cinema. Not much luck.

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I've been trying to locate some movies from the golden age of Mexican cinema. Not much luck.

Try There you can find dozens (hundreds?) of films from the mexican golden age. If that doesn't work, try here: (just type the ORIGINAL name in spanish in the search bar).

Good luck.

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800 Balas

Planta 4a

El Embrujo de Shanghai

El color de las nubes

Nos Miran

El Espinazo del Diablo

El Viaje de Carol

Pa Negri


Eres mi héroe

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its a tie between y tu mama tambien and motorcycle diaries

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Pan's Labyrinth (2006)- 10/10

Volker Flenske: (While torturing David) I don't know why you're doing this to yourself!

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Brecha (2009): His acting was so good that I just couldn't believe it when I read that tis was the first time on screen for beautiful Jose Ramon Lafita
And the movie has a good storyline, too...
Talking about a Spanish boy actor of some years ago, I should of course also mention a much older movie from that country (a classic, showing a very unusual story; but to my knowledge, it's still unavailable on DVD!); perhaps you already guessed it:
Tobi - el nino con alas (Lolo Garcia)
If movies in spanish language are to be included here, I'd like to mention Popi (1969) and Verano del potro...