International Cinema : Mustang - confused after watching it - any opinions?

Mustang - confused after watching it - any opinions?

I watched the Turkish movie "Mustang" this week. While I appreciate the subject matter, there is something about the movie that just does not sit well with me. There was something interfering with it that prevents it from delivering its message to me. Like, it did not feel very realistic - but as I have never been to Turkey and so I have never witnessed first hand the specifics of culture and traditions there, I get the feeling that it was far removed from the reality.
I am talking about the life styles the sisters have before the incident with the boys on the beaches. They appear to have the same lifestyle as most westerners. And then to go from that to a locked up dictatorial situation, seems a bit unrealistic for me. Surely there would have been some evidence of the orthodox customs to come in their lives previous to this event?

It would be really great to hear opinions of those who know a little more about Turkey and the life style etc. Thanks for reading.