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Afrikaans language movies


Have you or your family/friends seen any of the classic Afrikaans-language movies? If so - why not rate, review or discuss them on those titles IMDb pages?
I am trying to get discussion on the IMDb of Afrikaans-language movies going!



Re: Afrikaans language movies

Well, you can see that no one posted any reply during more than five months. Maybe nobody knew anything, or had seen any such movie. Or maybe no one liked the specimens they had seen.

Anyway, I am in no better position, except that I am interested in films from all corners of the world. Would you like to list some such movies (3, 5, 10 or whatever number you may prefer), and also explain something about what is good or bad in them.

I would be happy to learn something I had not known before.

Re: Afrikaans language movies

Uiteindelik `n Suid-Afrikaner.

Ek maak so.

I already started with Tess, it is post production now, but oh boy it is going to be superb.