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Favorite Message Board Threads

Forgive me if this has been posted before, but in memorium of the boards closing, I thought it would be nice to reminisce about our favorite threads on IMDb. I'm talking about the ones that you particularly enjoyed reading or ones where you learned somwthing.

No need to post a link unless you really want to dig through the message boards. A description is fine.

I think my favorite thread is on A Christmas Carol (1951). There's a scene in the movie where Scrooge goes to his nephew Fred's house. There's a maid who opens the door and leads Scrooge into the party. She never says a word, but she captivates your attention.

Someone started a thread asking who she was, since she wasn't in IMDb's cast list. The thread would lie dormant for most of the year, then it would pick back up around Christmas. Every Christmas, for several years. Lots of people gave that woman love, and no one knew her name. Some people who had relatives associated with the production tried to find out who she was, but to no avail. Finally someone did find out who she was. Her credit was added to IMDb, and there was an article written about her, or maybe it was an interview.

In any case, I enjoyed reviditing that thread every year to see if anyone had discovered who she was.

I know that trolls tend to be a big problem on IMDb, but its threads like these that made IMDb great. I don't think anyone would have spent the time to track the actress down without the IMDb message boards. As I recall, that thread went on for at least 15 pages, which is pretty remarkable for such a niche film. And without it, I wouldn't have realized that I wasn't alone in my captivation of a woman in a small bit part.

That's just one thread of many that I have appreciated. Have you one? If so, feel free to share.

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That sounded like my kind of thread. Is it still active?

My favourite thread of all time is probably the "Bill Murray was mean to my coat" thread. Not only the OP's post but the hilarious replies which followed. I was howling with laughter but sadly IMDb recently deleted it. I was going to save it too.

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I just checked, and that thread is no longer there. IMDb, you can't see it, but I'm giving you the middle finger! Why remove such historically important threads?

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There was a INTK thread that went on a very long time before it was solved that I enjoyed. A photo was posted of a group of actors playing the annual L.A. Dodger celebrity baseball game. They could all be easily identified except one starlet. The question was who was she?

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I missed that thread. I wish I had seen it. And I love how it was eventually solved, like enough people researched it till the question was finally resolved. That's great.

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There was one on the RFS board last year debating the right or wrong of white people wearing dreadlocks. It was a hoot. It went on and on. The world is going to hell in a bucket, and these people were taking the dreadlocks issue so very seriously. They have an awards thread on that board every year, and the dreadlocks thread won best thread of 2016.

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Someone on INTK asked "What was the first film to mention or show the Internet?". It went on for quite a long time and got quite contentious.

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There was a quite heated one on INTK about what the difference was between a trailer and a preview. Lots of disagreement on the subject.

And of course, there is always JACK and his obsession with recasting Land before time

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