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Ip man 3

What a disappointment that was. Very average movie and the fighting scenes were just ok. The one with Mike Tyson was ridiculous though. And many reviews mentioned the elevator scene. Well it lasted 40sec! Nothing else to say about this movie.
Ip man: 7.3
Ip man 2: 7
(Ip man final fight 7)
Ip man 3: 5.9

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This is the third in the story of the Grandmaster of the Wing Chun kung-fu style and the first teacher of Bruce Lee. Donnie Yen plays Master Yip in all three. The first two came out in 2008 and 2010. Their success was followed by a slew of movies in 2013 and 2014 about Master Yip, one of them even starring an actor who didn’t even practice kung-fu. This film is the least of the three directed by Wilson Yip, but is still very much worth seeing, due mainly to Yen’s performance as the calm and caring Master whose Wing Chun is the best in the world. The film is mainly hobbled by a melodramatic and sentimental story line about his wife’s cancer that fails to jerk tears. Most notable is that the chief villain of the piece is an American fight promoter played by Mike Tyson (who is surprising good and menacing). Among several great action sequences (with Donnie Yen co-directing the fight choreography), the best is the face off between Yip and Tyson’s Frank. Highly recommended for fans of great Asian martial arts.


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I liked it. Thought it had some good fight scenes and the story with the wife and stuff was touching and not done in an OTT way like in most Hollywood films