Asian Cinema : Can you help me find this Chinese Horror movie please ?

Can you help me find this Chinese Horror movie please ?

EDIT - I have found it :D è©­æ„› Haunting Love (2012) by Leung Ting - i will keep my post here in case someone else searches for this movie from about the same memories as mine -

Here is as much as i remember from the movie - it's a failry recent one, like the past 5 years tops and I suspect mainland China or Hong-Kong maybe, but i remember it being in Chinese language (both spoken and with Chinese subs and English subs - saw it on youtube)

The movie starts with a scene in a restaurant; a rising star radio dj show host (young female) is celebrating her engagement with a popular or handsome young man. The guy's ex girlfriend storms in, throws an emotional tantrum and ruins the celebrations.

An older man (mid 30's, in comparison to the young couple who's in their 20's) who likes the radio host girl schemes a plan, to have a bouquet of flowers with a card sent to the fiancé, in the name of the radio host girl, to meet up at a certain hotel room at a certain time and the same card is sent to the fiancé. They basically both expect each other, but in fact, the fiancé gets there first, his ex girlfriend is there, seduces him, they end up in bed, and at a calculated time after, in comes the radio host girl and catches them in bed, smack in the middle of the act and is obviously heart broken and shaken.

There is a friends gathering, supper one evening; the girl sets up seats and plates for 8 - one extra... a sensitive topic ... that person is no longer in the friends group or has passed away or was excluded ? The ex girl friend shows up, there is a small discussion, she shouldn't be there... she is escorded back to the door, leaves. It's a rainy night, she has a short tight dress and heels... someone follows her and kills her.

In another scene she is with her best friend in a grocery store and sees the reflection of a small girl holding a doll in the circular mirror up in the alley corner, she mentions that to her best friend - but when she turns around, the little girl is not there; turns out it was a ghost

In her childhood, she was the sole survivor of a car crash accident, her parents dided, she ended up at an orphenage, and she is missing her left eye. She hides her face throughout her childhood and teenageyears by having extra long hair in front of her face's left side. She has only one friend, a small boy her age with whom she spends all her time.

She grows up with the boy, they become teenage sweethearts.

As a late teen, she works at a restaurant, and one night, a client tries to assault her, the best friend rescues her, and he ends up killed. They take his eye to give it to her. She doesn't know or doesn't remember that he passed away and still sees him - and acts as if he is really there for her, constantly, regularly.

There is mention of a personal journal, in an office drawer i think ?

The last scene is her holding a journal sitting on a rocky cliff ....and everything is explained...