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This other Movie Database looks good

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I use that site for posters (despite the horrible UI to see them). They have had discussion options for individual movies/actors/etc for a long time, but the admin there shut them off because nobody was using them. He has just re-instated them given the recent news here and is considering opening a General Discussion Area. It might be nice if a collaboration between TMDb and one of the Forums attempting to recreate the General IMDb discussions could happen.

For those of you playing at home:

seem to be the front runners. imdb2 got a head start and has a lot more people. There's talk of a merge. I'm leaning towards the imdforums because - their argument, anyway, is - they are building it on private servers with real software instead of the 'free software on a hosted site' of the imdb2, and that's better for the long run (and some functionality).

My fear is: In the long run who pays for that?

We all know that the 'long run' on free stuff can be tenuous.

I dunno at this point.

[Update] - There's another one making a push: