Beauty and the Beast : The man eating trunk

The man eating trunk

Ever watch the mob scene in the animated Beauty and the Beast and notice that one trunk / chest eat a guy? There’s this storage chest that opens wide and swallows one of the invaders and just to make it clear what happened a massive tongue comes out and it licks it’s “lips” before belching.

As far as I can tell the only animals in the palace that were transformed were the dog (footstool) and cat (throw pillow) shown during the extended cut’s Human Again sequence. Oh, and the Spider carriage.

So who or what is that chest? Was Hannibal Lecter visting?! WHO or what did that chest turn into when the spell broke? Did Prince Adam have a pet Alligator? Was Count Dracula visiting? A werewolf? What the Hell was going on there?! Was that the luggage from Discworld?

My concern about that trunk is up there with the pipe organ from Beauty and the Beast the Enchanted Christmas. He ended up smashed. Does that mean that when the spell broke the castle now has a room splattered with blood and a dismembered corpse?!

Disturbing things to think about. :-P

Re: The man eating trunk

I don't think the trunk was an animal, but simply a servant who made use of his ability to put something inside of him. The enchanted objects had no digestive system, so I doubt they could even eat, so I don't believe for a minute the guy he ate ended up dead. I doubt the Wardrobe, for example, eventually died from all the dresses stuck in her stomach after she turned into a human again.

Re: The man eating trunk

You are reading too much into a cartoon!

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