Beauty and the Beast : The Triplets and the Staff

The Triplets and the Staff

1. The blonde triplets, were they actually sisters? How would that've worked if Gaston found interest in one of them?

2. The staff - why were they punished along the Prince?

Re: The Triplets and the Staff

1. I would assume so. I really can't think of how anyone would look alike to someone and not be related to them, especially in terms of being near split images if they weren't sisters or at least had some relation, looking identical to each other in all save for maybe hairstyle.

2. It's never explained, though considering that some of the staff members included at least one little boy (and no, I'm NOT referring to Prince Adam, I'm referring to Chip, just so we're clear), a dog, and if the special edition is to be believed, a cat, all three being people who most likely didn't do anything wrong at all that day, either to the Enchantress or even regarding how Adam turned out, I'd assume the Enchantress just did so out of spite.

Re: The Triplets and the Staff

Yea, I think the enchantress could easily just curse the Prince's entire staff along with him—just to exert the full force of her power. What's worse? Just cursing the prince, or cursing his whole castle (staff included)? The latter.