Beauty and the Beast : Is this movie Lima Syndrome?

Is this movie Lima Syndrome?

I'm not a Beauty & the Beast hater I swear to god in fact it's my second favorite Disney movie. There has been debates about whether or not this film is Stockholm Syndrome & I know that is not true but people also say it's Lima Syndrome & I need help to prove that it's not Lima Syndrome.


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People call it Stockholm Syndrome but it is not SS. SS would have meant that Belle fell in love with him when he was still being nasty and mean. She only fell in love with him when he saved her life and began to be nice to her and become a better person, er animal, er animal-person hybrid;).

She was NEVER actually locked in the castle. She escaped willingly on her through the very unlocked castle when The Beast scared her away when she broke into the forbidden West Wing. A real prisoner would have been locked in her room with only The Beast having the key that he used to give her food(she would have a bathroom in her room, I presume). She was already off the property and came back willingly when The Beast saved her life, got his arm wounded and passed out in the snow and she felt an obligation to bring him back to the castle and nurse him back to health for saving his life. They then became friends and then gradually something more. ;)

The Beast definitely has Lima Syndrome though. He showed compassion and sympathy when he saw Belle crying in the tower and hallway. He felt bad for yelling at her in the West Wing. He saved her life when she almost was eaten by wolves and was grateful that she took care of him after he passed out. He slowly fell in love with her. So, he fell in love with his prisoner(She wasn't technically a prisoner as she was not locked up in a damn room. She had almost free roam of the castle except for the West Wing.)

Drake is repetitive. He just raps the same thing over and over as if he is in an insane asylum!LOL:D

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Actually a real stockholmer Syndrome guard would be with the prisoner 24/7.