American Horror Story : I Named My Cat Finn

I Named My Cat Finn

I worry people will think he's named after Finn Wittrock, but the actual inspiration was Adventure Time.

My friend/drug dealer is a huge fan of La La Land (B-) and sent me an email asking if my cat was named after Emma Stone's ex. I'm thinking of changing my other cat's name to Jake to provide context, but then I'll have to edit so many Facebook captions and I worry people may feel I'm making some form of social commentary by giving a cat a dog's name.

Anyone else experience something similar?

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You worry about that? No one cares, here or real life.

Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that I'll be over here looking through your stuff.

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It's all I worry about.

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lol Glad someone said it.

If there is a Muslim ban, they can pretend they're Christians. You know, like Republicans do.

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I feel your pain. I named my cat Tristan, then Hotel aired and now his namesake is a Wittrock character!

Not today Satan, not today

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Men with cats = Not sexy. Sorry to be harsh, but it's true.

'Here, you forgot your axe'.