American Horror Story : IMDb shutting down message board. Here is an alternative: TMDb

IMDb shutting down message board. Here is an alternative: TMDb

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is shutting down its message boards, the organisation has announced. The message boards will be permanently disabled on 20 February, following a two-week transition period.

It seems a lot of people in IMDb are particularly upset at the loss of individual movie boards. If anybody is interested in another movie database with dedicated boards for every individual title and person, there is a website called TMDB

recently added message boards for every specific movie and person. You have to click on the little word bubble icon on the top left of the movie's page. A bunch of people from IMDb have already gathered at their general boards and and are discussing ways to increase activity and serve as an alternative to IMDb.

You should be able to find whatever board you post on here, over there. This is a good place to keep the community built on the board, together and still be able to have the same laughs (or fights) as you have been having.

I hope to see anyone I talk to on a regular bases, there.

If you'd like to try to stop the shut down, here is a petition you can sign.

P.S. Please copy and paste this message to as many boards as you can.

Thank You

-Dedicated IMDb user.