The Program : Why such the low rating?

Why such the low rating?

It seems that any movie that can reflect real life gets a low rating. This is in many ways a controversial film, as it explores what really happens at the top universities. Everything is one big cover up and I'm sure a lot of it still goes on to this day. I just can't fathom why a movie as good as this can't get higher than 5.9........

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I liked the movie, but really it felt more like a dramatized exposition documentary than anything.

Reflects reality? Debatable. I thought Rudy was more reflective of my football experience (it came out at the same time). The Program tried too hard to expose all the cockroaches on the underbelly and rarely focused on why football players and coaches go through what they do for the glory of gameday.

I think the movie tried too hard to make scandals and NCAA coverups it's staple material, instead of giving a more down-to-earth view of the game. Sure things like that happen all the time, but they shouldn't be the only thing focused on. Like I said, it feels more like an "look what goes on off the field and in the locker room" exposition film than a football film.

I gave it a 6 or 7 I think, while I gave Rudy an 8 or so. Rudy reminded me of my playing days. The Program was more like a caricature of my playing experience (with some strains of truth).

My problem wasn't the 'reality' factor, it was the fact that football is almost taking a backseat to roids, rape, cheating, and so on. These are more side effects of the 'program' than the program itself. (Not too mention all these issues are compounded into a single composite team, roughly at the same time -- not very realistic)

This and its twin hoops sister Blue Chips, have essentially the same theme and came out at the same time. If you're curious as to what supposedly goes on off the field/court on the college level, and a want a dramatized Hollywood version of it, get both of these flicks. Not so much sports movies as they are exposes.

But hey, it's a football movie. That alone makes it one of my favorites.

BTW, 5.9 is pretty good on this site for a sports movie. They generally tend to get lower ratings just because they are sports movies.

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It's gone up 0.2 points to 6.1, it's one of those films that have gotten better over time. I remember when it was at 5.4, circa 2001.

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Well put "ja227"- played ball also, and this movie is such a cliche of every sterotype in football times 50! Sure stuff like this happens, but god this movie was a joke! Used ever stereotype they could think of and blew each one up and much as they could and threw all of it in this 1 year! Movie was joke! Craig Sheffer played QB Joe Kane, Senior yr i belive, so 22 or 23 at most? Craig Sheffer was born in 1960, he was 33 when he played this role. I know alot of older actors play high schoolers or college students, cause they (usually) look they are still in high school or college? Sheffer didnt! He looked like a 33 yr old man! Nice casting choice, but the worse part of the movie is when Epps is running and the movie is sayin what he is thinking as he runs? Haa! That might be the stupidest and fakiest thing i have even seen in a movie and this is counting Jason Vorhies and Michel Myers getting up after being shot 500 times and god knows what else done too them. Yet that`s more believable then a RB sitting there thinking to himself "should i cut threw that hole or that hole, then should i cut left or cut right? ohh im gonna make you look so bad on this play" like the run took 5 minutes, stupidest thing i have ever seen put in a sports movie! (i know they were slowing it all down) but he is not doing that, 90% instinct! and he sure as hell is not thinking how bad he is bout to make a DB look. I live right outside Detroit and Barry Sanders used to say he had no idea what he was gonna do? (sure plays are set up to follow bockers, but alot of times the play is blown up (especailly with lions!) so your on your own or your already by OL? once your on you own all just flat out instinct/talent and keeping from getting hit! haha! Sure this is coming from the best, but if there is RB out there thinking all this stuff Epps was thinking while he was running? He sure as hell isnt a RB anymore? Maybe he is in hollywood making up stupid scripts, sure you try to follow your blockers, but the rest is all instinct and split second descions, 33 yr old qb? every sterotype in the book used, but that part about him doign all that jawwing running was way too much. That was just flat out stupid. Maybe just one of the many reason for the low rating also? Becasue i thought it deserved lower.

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Prior to the year 2000 or 2001, all movies generally had lower, more conservative ratings. That was before bought IMDB and it became main stream. Once that happened, tons of new users joined the site. That's why every decent to crappy movie that comes out nowadays has a minimum of a 7.0 rating. All these older movies still retain their old time rating, when a 6.0 was actually a good score. Nowadays even an 8.X on this site doesn't mean the movie is actually a good.