Bernard Cribbins : Superb in Fawlty Towers

Superb in Fawlty Towers

This ginger beer is distinctly warm...

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Just watching it now on GOLD. I didn't realise it was him. He is very good.

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He was great in that role!

Now, listen!

There is a documentary on BBC2 this evening about Squawking Bird the leader of the Blackfoot Indians in the late 1860s, now this starts at 8:45 and goes on for approximately three quarters of an is it possible for me to reserve the BBC2 channel for the duration of this televisual feast?

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Why don't you talk properly?

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just watching the Railway Children, i thought his face looked familiar so found my answer on this amazing site :) Yes he was very good in Fawlty Towers, distinctly very good if i recall correctly now.

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I have just listened to John Cleese's commentary on the episode. To say he heaps praise on Bernard's performance is a understatement but it is more than earned.

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He was very good