Cliffhanger : Aeroplane crash landing scene

Aeroplane crash landing scene

I have a strong feeling like I've seen that exact same scene in another movie.. Can't remember the name though.

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I love that it lands on the edge of the cliff, then in the next scene it's nowhere near the edge of the cliff.

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There are lots of "model airplanes crashing in slow motion and knocking down fake trees" movies.

Die Hard 2 had some, though they were at night and were harder crashes.

U.S. Marshals had a similarly fake-looking, drawn-out plane crash scene.

I realize it's difficult to make a plane crash look realistic, and I appreciate good miniature work over CGI, but this was still pretty fake looking.

The plane crash in Alive is probably the most convincing one I've seen.

It's more of a stretch, but there are some small plane crashes in Flash Gordon and Jurassic Park III that are also reminiscent, perhaps in some small way, of the crash in Cliffhanger.

And Con Air is full of rough landings. Executive Decision had one too.

Oh yeah, don't forget Concorde: Airport '79.

Are any of these what you were thinking of?