Beavis and Butt-Head : The 3 animation phases of B&B's original run.

The 3 animation phases of B&B's original run.

Ever notice that B&B has three animation/design phases?

When the show went on the air in early '93, the animation was extremely crude, cheap looking and basically ugly. B&B were drawn harshly, squarish and pointy. Their voices were also very deep.

Then around summer '93, the animation suddenly became very clean. Beavis and Butthead themselves now rounder looking faces and hair, and their voices became higher.

Then around early '94 or so, the animation changed again...this time becoming almost a mix of the first two versions. It wasn't as crude as the first design, but not as slick as the second.

Re: The 3 animation phases of B&B's original run.

Yeah, I've noticed that for sure, with Butt-head in particular. He started off very inconsistent, even more so during some of the early music video segments. In some shots his hair was almost a triangle shape and there was something intense about his eyes. In other shots, his hair was closer to what it would be later on with the side part and his eyes were just generally wider. Around season 3 is where the show looks like it got more of a budget behind it, and the plot portions began getting more crisp. One thing I always noticed and actually loved about the show is that, during the music video segments, they almost always had a unique look that looked like it was recycled from previous frames/scenes.