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I am not trying to start a fight, and I'm not hating on this movie. I just don't understand why so many people LOVE this movie so much. Does anyone else think that this movie is overrated? Also... Can people who love this movie explain why they love it so much?

BTW: I Saw Kevin Smith at a screening of Yoga Hosers/ Q&A and he was super cool!

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It's a movie that's relatable to people who work as desk clerks at any store working minimum wage and show what they go through everyday of they're working lives and to show how important it is take take control of you're life and not bitch about it..

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The premise of this movie is reality for a lot of people. They work *beep* jobs with no prospects and blame someone else for not even trying hard enough to get anywhere in life. Nowadays with all of the tension between races and sexes, it is a welcomed message for a lot of young people to hear. Get a grip and take responsibility for your own actions and life choices.

Just watched Bridesmaids yesterday and it had basically the same message: Stop blaming the world for your own problems. Not surprising then that bridesmaids did so well. Obviously a comedy has to be funny to be successful first and foremost, but for the movie to mean anything a day after you have seen it, it needs a message. In the past critics were the ones who pointed these things out so the rest of us saw the meaningful movies. Now they are just paid shills or promoters of an agenda.

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I've heard a lot of praise for this film over the years and finally got around to watching it. It felt like a feature length student film. I didn't find it to be very funny. Much of the acting was terrible. I know it was a low budget film, but the lighting, camera work, and sound were all very amateur. I suppose I should have seen it in my early 20's, when the characters would have been more relate-able, but I have to agree that this is an over-rated film.