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The budget for this film

I'm a little confused. On IMDB it's says between 27-230k was spent making this film. Was this mostly spent on advertising? I don't see any of the money on screen. It looks, sounds like every other student film. Uninspiring, bland. Like God came down and was like, this film is famous now. Deal with it.

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kevin smith spent 27k shooting it and then the studio spent another 250k in post production costs (licensing music, making prints) after deciding to release the film.

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also its hard to judge the film on todays standards and understand what makes it so great. the world was a very different place back in 1994.

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This is a good point. You can film an HD movie for a one time investment in one camera and a computer to edit it on, costing $2000 at most (assuming you or someone you know doesn't already have these things)

You don't need film stock, a huge expensive film camera, etc anymore. Making movies has changed a lot in the last 20+ years, and the cost has gone way down since digital came around...