Clerks : Return of the Jedi and Randell

Return of the Jedi and Randell

Sorry Kevin Smith but you got the whoe scene about Return of the Jedi wrong! In the opening scene of Jedi, Darth Vader is talking with some random Emperial officer. When Vader states how unhappy he is with the progress on the Death Star, the officer states "we shall double our efforts". We being the Emperial Army, not some random contractors.

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That scene neither proves nor disproves the suggestion that the Death Star II was build by contractors. He only says that he needs more men - which could mean imperial personnel or contractors - and then says ''we shall double our efforts'' which simply means he'll get his men - imperial personnel or contractors - to work faster to finish the progress quicker.

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That officer could just be the lead planner or liaison that hires the contractors.

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That's a pretty condscending tone seeing how you overlooked that perhaps the *Imperial officer was insinuating that he would HIRE more workers. Coincidentally, I just watched this film for the first time and upon hearing this observation I found it to be surprisingly astute of Kevin Smith. While in Afghanistan & Iraq, I was surprised how many contractors there were; the military just doesn't have the man power nor some of the more specialized skills required to construct & maintain bases the sizes of cities. Indeed, hiring contractors for Death Star construction is a much more realistic approach as opposed to expecting a Army could be so sophisticated & self-reliant.