Mickey Rooney : Crazy Fun Facts About Mickey Rooney….

Crazy Fun Facts About Mickey Rooney….

How many people today can say they got their start in vaudeville? Vaudeville! That was a contemporary - even a forerunner to silent pictures!

His next project to date is scheduled for a 2014 release.

He had 20 pictures to his credit, before the stock market crash of 1929.

He was a Hollywood veteran, when Norma Jean Mortenson (1926-1962) - later to become the great Marilyn Monroe, was a young girl watching her favorite stars at the movie theater. Dreaming of stardom for herself one day.

The man had over 150 films to his credit, before the oldest geezers who run this business today were ever born!

The average span of the first seven of Mickey's eight marriages is little more than four years.

All the celluloid that Mickey's image has graced, could stretch to the moon and back - most likely.
It would require exactly 280 Mickey Rooneys standing on each other's bald heads, to surpass the tip of the Empire State Building.

" Cristal, Beluga, Wolfgang Puck... It's a f#@k house."