Basil Rathbone : 'Elementary, my dear Watson!'

'Elementary, my dear Watson!'

None of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes tales feature the Great Detective uttering that line, but you'll hear it in most any of the Holmes flicks that have been made since the 1930's; Arthur Wontner, as Holmes, uses the line at least twice in "Sherlock Holmes' Fatal Hour" (1931).

I guess we can all stop picking on Basil Rathbone, now, seeing as Wontner said "Elementary..." at least 8 years before Rathbone ever thought of bandying it about!

Re: 'Elementary, my dear Watson!'

Well, both "Elementary!" and "My dear Watson" can be found in the original stories several times each, so some script writer's combining them wasn't anything to complain about.

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Re: 'Elementary, my dear Watson!'

True 'nuff...

Re: 'Elementary, my dear Watson!'

I always wondered why Basil got blamed for that.

Likewise the deerstalker. The only time he wears it in Baskervilles is in the country, where it would be appropriate, and I THINK the same thing in the second film, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. After that, he is in the 1940s and you never see him wear it. They even make a fast joke about it in Sherlock Holmes and the Voice Of Fear.

Love the film, but Christopher Plummer wearing a deerstalker to the opera is what is really out of place.