Adam Sandler : Never understood where all the Sandler hate comes from.

Never understood where all the Sandler hate comes from.

I mean yes, he makes bad to ok movies (and one really terrible one with Jack and Jill and probably Grown ups 2). But seriously why the hatred? Here's my point, someone will say TLDR but don't care. And really He hasn't made a good or bad movie since Jack and Jill, they've all just been "ok" So here we go.

Yes, basically all of his movies are the same goofy man child. So, well don't go see his movies because you know exactly what to expect. (With exceptions of Reign over Me and Punch Drunk Love)

Yes, He has admitted that he picks locations to shoot so he can go and hang out with his friends in Hawaii or whatever. Makes me wish I was part of the 20 or so people that he takes around the world and gives small parts in all of his movies. This sound more like he's just a down to earth cool guy that likes hanging out with his friends and uses making movies as a way to take them all around the world. This is a bad thing????

Yes he's made some bad movies, but with the exception of Jack and Jill and Grown Ups 2, in general, they're always good for a few laughs. Even That's My Boy was bad but not terrible and had some hilarious bits.

So this is why people hate him? That he is always a man child, who does movies so he can take all of his friends with him to exotic locations around the world, plays basically the same character in every movie, and makes basically just "ok" movies with a few turds? Hell, again, you know what you're going to get into when you see one of his movies so if you hate him stop going He's going to keep making them because every single one of his movies makes money. He has the forumla down pat Movie costs 20 million to make, pulls in 50-60 million and makes a profit , and then makes another 10 million off of DVD sales. IE He is an extremely safe bet for studios.

So again why the hate? Is it because everyone wishes they were one of his crew that get to travel around the world and have a 2 line scene in every movie he does? Or maybe it's just because it's the cool thing to do on the internet.

Only problem I have with Adam Sandler is that he really can act and I wish he would do more movies like Reign On Me. That movie was specta2000cular. So again, troll away people. People still watch his movies (and seriously That's my Boy, Bedtime Stories, The Do Over, The Ridiculous Six,etc everything after Jack and Jill were again.. "OK" movies. 5/10's. Why do you all keep watching his movies if you hate him so much?

Re: Never understood where all the Sandler hate comes from.

I agree with you. I have some friends who really can't stand him. Their perspective basically seems to be that his films are junk but people blindly go to see them anyway. I really haven't watched as many of his newer films. I saw That's My Boy on TV and I actually did think it was funny (much better than the trailer). The Grown Ups films are entertaining and I think somewhat nostalgic (one of them had some 80s party or something). Anyway I can't hate on the guy for being smart. I think one of my friend dislikes that so little effort is put into his newer films because they know it will automatically make a ton of movie. I can understand finding that annoying but it says more about society than Adam Sandler.

Personally I think his earlier films are great. The Waterboy is absolutely hilarious to me. I also love Big Daddy, 50 First Dates and The wedding singer. Idk why people always want to bash him. You know how his films are so I agree just don't watch if you don't like. I forgot that I also liked his newer films Just Go With It and Blended. He also is a very good actor in his serious roles. I do wish he'd do more of them but it seems he has been typecast.