The King of Queens : In "Restuant Row"

In "Restuant Row"

In the scene where Doug is stuffing his face because he had not eaten there in a few days. That is really disgusting to chow down like a pig in front of someone. I'm surprised Deacon didn't get up and leave.

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Even though obviously he's just acting,I found his eating antics stomach-churning.

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Like I said before, Doug's big appetite was supposed to be an endearing character trait, but often it came off as annoying and rather problematic (moreso in later seasons, but sometimes in earlier episodes too). When whole episodes were based around it especially made it come off like he had some kind of eating disorder, which I'm pretty sure was not the intention.

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I believe he did have an eating disorder.

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Oh yes, Doug was at least a compulsive eater. He might have had an even deeper attachment to food as a coping mechanism, comfort issue, and a whole host of other reasons for stuffing himself.

Carrie's comment "why you live your life like a raccoon in a dumpster" was less an insult than a cogent observation.

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