The King of Queens : Plot hole about childn

Plot hole about childn

I'm watching season 8 and noticed something strange, a plot hole perhaps.In season 9, a bit before the end,they mention they have tried for a baby for years, seen doctors etc and they cannot have kids.In season 8 episode 12 though, Doug babysitts Danny's baby and asks Carrie to have one. The whole conversation there is as if they have never tried before for a baby and Carrie seems awfully surprised by Doug's suggestion. Is that a writing mistake or was their dialogue vague and badly done? Did anyone else notice this?

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The subject line was supposed to be "Plot hole about childlessness" but my phone decided to press a few buttons for no reason..

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I am really familiar with all the episodes; Doug & Carrie did try for a baby on the show, see Ovary Action.

And she was pregnant once but had a miscarriage, Pregnant Pause. It was a recurring theme, and Carrie was conflicted for awhile about having a baby. The show didn't chronicle every change of heart along the way.

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Thanks for your reply, that's interesting.. I can't recall the pregnancy episode..still on this episode I'm referring to they give the impression that they hadn't tried before and that it's a huge decision for them. Maybe they should have mentioned something from their past problems to fill us in on how they feel about it.

Thanks again for your explanation!

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it was the end of season 3 I think.. the one and only time the series went really dark.

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If I'm understanding, that's not a plot hole. That episode where Doug watches Danny's girlfriend's baby is so stupid to me. But back on subject he only asked for a baby to make Danny mad so Danny couldn't hold their baby. Carrie thought that was a stupid reason to want a baby, which is in turn why Doug asked to baby sit Danny's ex's baby to make Carrie mad. Like the other poster said, they've tried and failed in the past. Them not bringing up a conversation from a previous episode doesn't make it a plot hole, especially since the only reason there was a conversation was to make some one mad, not an actual desire for a baby

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I didn't think of it as a plot hole.
At the end of season one, Carrie decided she wanted a baby and wasn't going to worry about moving ahead at work. However, she quickly changed her mind and they decided to discuss it again in a year.

At the end of season 3 they had a surprise pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. That was when they decided they did want kids. They referenced a few times in season 4 as though they were trying.

It wasn't mentioned again until season 8 which Doug only wanted to show up Danny with having a baby he could hold. Between Carrie's response to that and the discussions in the church in season 9, they acted as though that was the big hole in their marriage and what each would have to change to make it happen. Such as Doug changing jobs and Carrie taking time off of her career and being happy living in Queens. I just assumed that at some point after Ovary Action (season 4, they must have decided that they were not ready again and stopped trying.

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Thanks for your post. Sounds like they are a bit confused themselves ;) And rightfully so since it's a huge decision.

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I was actually referring to Carrie's reaction before she finds out Doug's motives, she was extremely surprised by his suggestion as of they've never tried. But it's clearer to me now why that was the case. :)

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I had the same confusion on that very episode (I'm watching it right now). I did see, and remember, the previous episode from earlier in the series where it was established that Carrie only had one functioning ovary, which seemed to serve to establish that that was the reason they didn't have a kid in the show.

Fast forward to this episode, "Fresh Brood." When Doug suggests that they make a baby, Carrie's reaction was, in addition to being very surprised almost shocked at the idea, essentially (paraphrasing), "No, I don't want to have a baby with you Doug because you are so irresponsible."

It definitely skipped over baby-related events and plot twists that we saw in previous episodes. It made it seem like Carrie and Doug had never even discussed having a baby before. So yeah, it seemed like an awkward plot move to write it like that.