Hitman : HEY!....Wait a Minute!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY!....Wait a Minute!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so Simon Yam is a good guy. He deserves to live rich and happy ever after. After all, the guy he gunned down was the despicable head of the Yakuza who bragged about strangling women after raping them. He, his son and the whole Japanese clan deserved to die.

So, our titular hitman is a hero, right?

But then, I thought...wait a minute, didn't he shoot two hookers in the back with a shotgun in the opening too?

"I saw that movie on a plane and people still walked out." - Bill Hader (Sam Raimi birthday video)

Re: HEY!....Wait a Minute!!!!!!!!!!!

As far i can remember, Yam didn't shot the two hookers, it was the old japanese guy who shot the 2 hookers with a pistol.