Hitman : Leon the Professional?

Leon the Professional?

27 mins into the movie when hes getting the expensive clothes to look respectable, one of the wardrobe outfits was leon's outfit with the little beanie hat, and finger cut gloves while holding the potted plant.

Re: Leon the Professional?

He comes out of the changing room 3 times, spoofing 3 different famous movie characters (presumably).
The first is Mark Gor (Chow Yun Fat) from A Better Tomorrow, the second is indeed Léon (Jean Reno) from Léon.

But who is the third character supposed to be, a camp guy in a jazzy shirt and shades?

Re: Leon the Professional?

The other one is a charácter from Bleu

Prostitute: What the *beep* are you doing?
Johnny: I'm gonna kill a bunch of people.