Sex and the City : Samantha and Richard

Samantha and Richard

He was perfect for her. I do believe he was the only guy on the show she truly loved. Shame he couldn't be faithful.

I liked Smith but he was no match, intellectually or financially for her.

Re: Samantha and Richard

I don't think people need to be matched financially, no do I think Samantha was very highly intellectual. I would also say you can't be perfect for someone if you are unfaithful. It's not like "well he's perfect except for this one flaw." It's a pretty big flaw! was he perfect? They both liked casual polygamous relationships until Samantha got jealous. He turned the romance up even though he didn't want any commitment. What was so perfect about him? The lying and making her feel paranoid thing? It wasn't even just cheating--he wasn't even able to promise he wouldn't, just make a good effort which really shouldn't be that hard.

Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that I'll be over here looking through your stuff.

Re: Samantha and Richard

Yes, his gaslighting was totally BS, ridiculous crap.

In truth, though, and I've discussed this before, I am disappointed that the writers didn't explore the idea of a successful poly relationship. It would have been interesting to see that point of view represented in an honest fashion.

Re: Samantha and Richard

I didn't think that he was lying before she caught him.