Bill Cosby : Presidential pardon?

Presidential pardon?

Now that Trump is President I think Bill might get a break. Trump seems like the kind of guy who would understand and sympathize with Bill, and would finally take action to end all of this nonsense and give Cosby a pass. There are better ways for the law to act than harrassing a harmless old man for fooling around with gold-digging bimbos decades ago.


Re: Going after Gloria Allred

Hillary Clinton delegate Gloria Allred helped destroy her master's campaign by busing in chara 111c cter assassins to falsely accuse him of hugs, kisses and rape just as she's been doing with Dr Cosby.

It was a bold move built upon the medias willingness to print anything that will bring in some ad revenue. Unfortunately, the American public is not so inclined to lynch a man with Donald Trumps complexion. It totally backfired and Trump surged as a response to Allred's false accusations. She didn't see that coming! Nor did she anticipate Trump supporters wearing t-shirts advocating the lynching of journalists lying about rape on her behalf.

Gloria Allred was left with an epic fail and egg on her face with americans calling for her to be disbarred, sued and even jailed. It's an interesting response not unlike the response Rosie O'Donnell has received for renouncing her American citizenship. The public has been showering her with loathing day and night as they have Allred.

Now, scared to death after having gone against Trump and lost, Gloria allred is spraying the very air around her like a skunk. She's offering free legal services to any woman dumb enough to step forward and falsely accuse the president of the united states with rape. lol It's desperation of the most pitiful kind.

All President Trump needs to do is dispatch the FBI to investigate women Gloria Allred has signed to endorsement deals and that includes the con artists she says she represents who falsely accused Dr Cosby.

How long do you suppose a pitiful woman like Chelan Lashe would stand up to FBI cross examination? Or Beth Ferrier? Most of these women are damaged by drug addiction and mental illness. They would be pointing their fingers at Gloria Allred in not time whatsoever.

They wouldn't even have to give up their 'victim status' by selling Gloria Allred down the river. They could blame their actions on her greed and corruption and start selling their brand new stories to the press. It's a very real possibility these women accusing Cosby are already under investigation

Re: Presidential pardon?


Not possible.

Cosby is not charged with any federal crime, so Trump's powerless to issue a pardon or grant amnesty for what Cosby is charged with.

Perhaps you should actually educate yourself on the various types of jurisdiction that exist in the b68 U.S. before you post on a topic so you don't come across as a total ignoramus.

Re: Presidential pardon?

All Cosby has to do is make it a civil rights case and it goes to Federal possibly all the way up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will be picked by Trump as appointees and will be sympathetic to Cosby and other men having their rights grossly violated for alleged sex "crimes". If not Trump will still get him off with a pardon.

So suck it liberals, you lost, Cosby will walk a free man and there's nothing you can do about it. Your opinion doesn't matter and neither does your vote. Guys like Cosby and Trump are giving the finger to the Establishment by breaking all the rules and that's why they're heroes. The days of political correctness are over. So stop your whining. What Cosby did wasn't rape. All he did was get some floozies drunk and have sex with the sluts. Women should be resp 1c84 onsible for what they drink and what they do after they've have too much to drink. I'm so sorry my political incorrectness is offending you libtards.


Re: Presidential pardon?

a lot of opinions about things you dont know, I bet that is a running theme in your life.

Re: Presidential pardon?

For your next civics lesson, you're about to get a lesson on free speech.

Free speech refers to government restriction. This is a private forum. You have no right to say anything you want to here.

Enjoy your lesson.

Re: Presidential pardon?

Nope. Clinton didn't win the election, so no pardon for Rapey Bill.

Yes, this is really me.