Joanna Cassidy : Joanna as Smoky the Bear

Joanna as Smoky the Bear

See the article about animal PSA icons in today's Slate.

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Re: Joanna as Smoky the Bear

That public service announcement 1973 TV commercial with Joanna ripping her face off as if it was a rubber mask and revealing Smokey the Bear underneath said mask is truly creepy stuff, man! I just submitted that memorable TV spot under other work for Ms. Cassidy.

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Re: Joanna as Smoky the Bear

The thing with the Smokey The Bear ad is it was a bit of a blunder. The intent behind the ad was obviously to create a "Smokey" ad aimed adults as for years Smokey's messages were mainly aimed at children.

So they brought Joanna in to give the commercial a more of an adult theme. The problem is at the climax of the commercial where Joanna "transforms" into Smokey, they made it so damn creepy that it kind of obscured the message they were trying to get across.

They obviously never intended the commercial to be that creepy and eventually re-shot a portion of it several years later where it looks like Smokey is merely taking off a mask rather than ripping Joanna Cassidy's face off.

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I recall seeing the ad when it first came out 41 years ago when I was 8. I don't recall being creeped out by it, personally. The then-unknown Joanna Cassidy didn't do anything for me, either (I had 5b4 to wait until the '80s for that to happen :-) ).

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Leoda Richards. The little old grandma lady who was in everything.