Meryl Streep : Which Movies…?

Which Movies…?

In the tribute was shown in Meryl Streep's honor at GG, there were 3 scenes that make me wonder about them and sadly, I don't know the name of the movies which these scenes are pulled out from. Here are the scenes:

1.A bath scene, meryl streep is with a blond man and a child sees them. She screams. It's just before her singing "I see me"

2.At night, she's in the water and turns to see a man standing by a tree in the dark. It's when it shows her GG wins.

3. A party. She's wearing pink dress and smiling at a brunette man. This one is near the end of tribute.

If anyone knows the name please tell me

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Re: Which Movies…?

1. "She-Devil" it's honestly not a good movie..
2. "The River Wild" with Kevin Bacon. It's really good
3. "The Deer Hunter" with Robert DeNiro. I've never seen it but I assume it's really good, it won the Oscar for best movie and earned Meryl her first nomination :)